Libbi Gorr

Libbi Gorr now presents “Enterprise Breakfast” weekdays on new ground-breaking DISRUPT.RADIO Australia, seeing the world through the lens of mindset, leadership and entrepreneurship.

One of Australia's finest creative thinkers and live hosts, Libbi is smart, warm and witty with an exceptional ability to entertain, inspire and motivate; sharpened with her incisive law-trained brain. 

A Creative Entrepreneur who was Diverse before the concept of Diversity was invented, as a keynote speaker Libbi speaks to the value of embracing what’s different about you, to carve your road to success – throwing in salient messages learned along the way.

A superlative MC, Libbi has spoken for 
Epworth Hospital, (“magnificent”, “fantastic”); St Kilda Film Festival (The Perfect Choice as MC); IPAA Victoria (“Great energy and Enthusiasm, easily engaged with audience”) and the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
(beautiful energy, feedback brilliant). 

Other clients include The University of Melbourne (“Warmth and sensitivity, personal yet professional); Heart Foundation Victoria (Outstanding MC and panel moderator); Austin Hospital (An incredible event - you have an incredible connection with people”), Victorian Health Promotion (The best ceremony yet); Australian Interior Design awards (MC, a fabulous job - this girl can launch Victoria - everyone left inspired and excited); Australian Government Legal Network Conference (MC, funny engaging and the day ran seamlessly); Women in Construction (MC, a fabulous job – poise and say good humour).

Libbi has racked up thousands of appearances under her best with prestige clients.

Audiences will feel energised and replenished after experiencing Libbi’s keynote, that they can indeed achieve their goals by being exactly who they are. Her keynotes are part confidence booster, part motivational, part inside goss into the always enthralling and totally precarious world of show biz, part cautionary tale and all useful lessons at turning your differences into strengths with a little bit of polish.

As an MC, Libbi is adept, professional, warm, all-inclusive and most importantly, entertaining.  Libbi’s work only empowers the audience as she turns her gaze to embracing differences, the power of mindset and bringing diverse communities together, with the respect and wisdom of someone who has built a career being different in a public life.